Why SlideRoom?

SlideRoom makes it easy to streamline your residency application by collecting everything you need online. We provide a powerful platform that allows you to spend less time with logistics and more time finding great applicants.


Will we be able to customize SlideRoom to fit our needs?

Absolutely. SlideRoom allows you to configure application forms, media settings, reference requirements, and present all the instructions you feel are helpful.

We are frequently asked by residencies about the customization of evaluation criteria. SlideRoom provides customizable scorecards to fit the way you choose to evaluate applicants and compile scores. 


Can our application fee be paid through SlideRoom?

Yes, your applicants can pay the fee as the last step in the application process. SlideRoom can accept all major credit and debit cards. Your fees can be remitted to you on a quarterly basis by check or wire transfer. Detailed statements are included so you can track every transaction.


How much does SlideRoom cost?

Most artist residencies use our basic plan, which starts at $100 a month (not including submissions fees). This includes all the core features of the platform and up to 5 programs at the same time. Submission fees can be paid by you, or passed along to the applicant. You can also collect fees directly from your applicants and SlideRoom will remit them to you. Choose which SlideRoom plan is right for you.