Why SlideRoom?

As a grants management system, SlideRoom makes it easy for a non-profit, foundation or University to streamline the application, review, and grant management process with a beautiful interface. You can configure your site, collect applications, evaluate candidates, and make decisions as a team. 


What type of grant evaluation process can SlideRoom accomodate?

SlideRoom is highly configurable with automated workflows and custom evaluation tools. You can create scorecards with customized sacles and criteria that can be tabulated several different ways. These include: simple average, weighted average, or a cumulative addition of points for each criteria. No technical skill is required.


Can we request followup materials from finalists via SlideRoom?

Yes, there are two ways to do this. First, any documents that arrive through another channel can be uploaded as an attachment into any grant application. Second, you can send a private code to a group of applicants that need to submit a new set of materials via your SlideRoom account. Only invitees will be able to participate.


How much does SlideRoom cost?

Our plans start at $100 a month (billed annually) and include all the core features you'll need - a branded portal, form builder, the ability to accept portfolios and collect references online. Choose the SlideRoom plan that's right for you.

Submission fees ($5/completed application) can be paid by you, or passed along to the applicant. You can also collect fees directly from your applicants and SlideRoom will remit them to you.