How does SlideRoom help us get more candidates?

Unlike other HR applicant tracking sytems, SlideRoom allows you to track in-progress applications and see the content candidates have filled out. We allow you to contact candidates and provide the necessary guidance to complete submission.


Does SlideRoom require training?

SlideRoom's interface is intuitive and completely self service. For any job listing, you can easily change your requirements, application forms, and settings without having to coordinate with us. Of course, if you need assistance, our support team is avilable via phone, email and chat to answer any questions you may have.


Can we have different user roles and permissions?

Yes, you can create new roles with unique permissions for each. You may even update permissions at any time to dynamically grant or restrict access to certain controls.


How much does SlideRoom cost?

Our standard plan is the right fit for HR departments looking to accept candidates. It starts at just $2,600 a year ($217/month) and includes all the core features you'll need to collect applications and media. It also allows for unlimited seats and unlimited job listings to run concurrently. Submission fees ($5/completed application) can be paid by you, or passed along to the applicant.

SlideRoom advanced is a great fit for HR departments looking for deeper insights and technical integration with other platforms.

Schedule a time with a customer success manager to find out what plan is right for you.