Is SlideRoom just for Arts Portfolios?

While SlideRoom is popular with arts institutions, it was designed to help schools see applicant skill in any field. Most recently, STEM fields have begun using SlideRoom to see what their applicants make: apps, robots, experiments, and other forms that require technical creativity. Learn more.


Can SlideRoom accomodate our evalution process?

Yes. SlideRoom offers a highly configurable tool set for evaluating portfolios. You can customize criteria, rating scales, tabulation methods, and even design your own workflows to better automate the review process.


Does SlideRoom require training?

SlideRoom's interface is intuitive and completely self service. You can easily change your requirements, application forms, and settings without having to coordinate with us. Of course, if you need assistance, our support team is avilable via phone, email and chat to answer any questions you may have.


How does SlideRoom help us get better applicants, and more of them?

SlideRoom's beautiful interface will help reduce melt and increase the number of completed applications - the system allows you to track, contact, and see the content of in-progress applications so you can provide the necessary guidance if needed.


Will SlideRoom integrate with my other systems?

Yes. SlideRoom’s Standard plan has API access for automating the export of data. Our Advanced plan includes the ability to automate the export applications as PDF (via the API) and import data from other systems. For those schools who can't work with an API, we also integrate with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive for scheduled export delivery.

How much does SlideRoom cost?

Our plans start at $100 a month (billed annually) and include all the core features you'll need - a branded portal, form builder, the ability to accept portfolios and collect references online. Choose the SlideRoom plan that's right for you.

Submission fees ($5/completed application) can be paid by you, or passed along to the applicant. You can also collect fees directly from your applicants and SlideRoom will remit them to you.