Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs (STEM) are beginning to ask for projects as demonstrations of skill during the admissions process. These collection of projects, often referred to as Maker Portfolios, help schools understand what makes each applicant unique.


Find out why Maker Portfolios are important.

Every discipline has creative artifacts. At the same time, the traditional admissions process struggles to differentiate among qualified candidates. Find out how Maker Portfolios can help solve this challenge.


Learn how other schools are approaching portfolios.

In the last several years, top schools have begun accepting Maker Portfolios as an optional supplement for applicants. You'll learn more about their current approach and the success of their programs.


Determine how to get started.

Develop a strategy for your Maker Portfolio program. The guide will also cover considersations for defining requirements, practical steps for implementation, and integrating with your larger campus ecosystem.